LuX.it ensures the end customer: This is how we work. (Only in English)

The products we sell are always 100% Original, not imitations.
The participating retailers with their products to the site with LuX.it LuX.it sign a contract with the strict rules that ensure the end customer from fraud.
Among these there are some basic rules, and we believe it is important to know:
The participating dealer enters into a contract with the undertaking to load goods with descriptions of the most relevant product possible.

1.     The dealer knows that the product will be paid at the LuX and the dealer providing the object. This is to ensure the end customer to be sure you receive the goods as described

2.     The dealer knows that the product will be paid at the LuX and the retailer providing the object. 

This is to ensure the end customer to be sure you receive the goods as described.
LuX makes himself a guarantor in respect of the final customer, which corresponds to the one purchased.
For this LuX.it pays the dealer who supplied the product only after the delivery is completed. 

What better guarantee for the customer?
For this reason, all retailers, up to now have always been in the rules for loading convenience or because they have no possibility of fraud on an end-user.
LuX also may at any time exclude a dealer who violates the rules.

3.     Among the various loading rules there are two very important:

a.     The voice CONDITIONS OF PRODUCT follows precisely some internal rules signed between Lux and retailers and are the same for everyone. (Read here a summary of these rules)

b.     Product packaging can not be done "at random" but also some follow strict internal rules signed between Lux and retailers and that these are also the same for everyone.

4.     When loading the dealer is obligated to load some items without which the product will never be displayed on the web: dimensions, sharp shots etc..

5.     The product once it is finished and ready to be fill in is passed to the scrutiny of an auditor LuX.it and only when it is properly considered in its entirety, will be published on the web.

6.     The dealer CAN NOT 'MAKE CHANGES, for an "Approved" by the Auditor LuX.it. If he did it the product of public automatically and is not visible until after the new approval. This was also designed to ensure the end customer.

Any signs or parts of the product are marked clearly shown on the header of the product for sale. There may be almost imperceptible signs that are beyond our control and not reported, this appears to be rare but not impossible. It 'still our utmost care and always going to report and highlight any defects, as you can see in all our listing. Any specific or more detailed picture about the product you are interested you can request and will be sent to your more clarification.
The fabrics, leather, paints, lacquers and finishes all of the product will be clearly specified in the header and you can check them at any store near you asking to see the color code that we clearly state.

You may ask quotes of new goods, which we deliver worldwide.
The new products are supplied by those dealers who publish products on contract with LuX Power Seller.

By end users while ensuring maximum reliability, it can happen, although very rare, that the goods purchased via the web that you have already been sold in a store, and the dealer forgot to remove it from our web circuit.
A product sold through traditional channels (store), is removed dall'outlet online within 24/48 hours. This latency may occur, although it is very rare that someone buys a product already sold. For this type of problems we can give you a new product to order, and therefore will need time traditional (ca.40/50 days) delivery.
If the discount of the product he had purchased via the web was 25% higher than the discounts we can not guarantee the same kind of discount. It will still be our pleasure to contact you as soon as possible to solve the problem. If your intention was not to replace a product no longer available with a new one, you will be immediately credited back the full amount you paid.


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